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Alterj centers

Drift centers:
This name is inspired by the noble hadith: like a believer who reads the Qur’an is like an otter. Its smell is good and it tastes good.
Alatrjh is a type of fruit and delicious fruit.

The translation centers are specialized centers that depend in carrying out their mission on: memorizing the Holy Qur’an, teaching and reciting it, and mastering the rulings of tajweed and delving into its study.

:school system
The system of study in the centers of translation is based on three levels (distinguished - excel - hardworking), the system of excellence preserves the Quran
During two years with the Tajweed and similarities, Narrated by Hafs on Asim through Shattiyah.
The superiors memorize the noble Qur’an within 4 years for the same story, while the mujtahids memorize three parts every year, and he can extend it to ten years and he can move to the superiors after two years after 20%. .

These centers were well received and witnessing an increasing turnout from the generous audience of men and women. The first center was
For men, it is a fragrance of the morning of peace and was inaugurated in 2005, and so far more than fourteen centers have been opened.
For men and women, the number of students exceeded 5,000 male and female students

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