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Under the slogan “One Row Behind Our Prince” a lecture entitled “The Balance of Minerals in the Body” at the Attarajah Al Qasr Center, Women of Morning
Under the slogan of “One Row Behind Our Emir” campaign, the Social Communication Department at the Atraj Al Qasr Women’s Center - Sabahi, on Tuesday 12/12/2017, made a lecture entitled “Minerals Balance in the Body” for Dr. Sam Qabbani and talked about minerals in the body, the reasons for their deficiency, and the diseases that Lead to it and how to treat it, and the lecture was well received by the attendees
The launch of the activities of the "Behind our Emir, One Row" campaign, at Dar Qur'an Al-Firdous Women Evening Center
The Al-Firdaws Center for the Noble Qur’an House Women / Evening launched a campaign to launch ... # A row _ one _ behind _ our Emir under the auspices of the Assistant Undersecretary for the Holy Quran and Islamic Studies Affairs Dr. Walid Al-Shuaib. From this standpoint, the campaign was carried out at Al-Firdous Center, which corresponds to Monday 27/11/2017, and the work was from the Control Department
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