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Excellence Award

First: An overview of the Excellence Award:

The administration seeks to provide all the elements of success and factors of excellence and development for the role of the Noble Qur’an, in order to ensure that this role fulfills its mission to the fullest, in order to achieve its objectives in spreading Sharia sciences, teaching the Holy Qur’an and developing religious awareness in society. Excellence award among centers to create an atmosphere of activity, vitality and movement and spread the spirit of honest competition and competition between them, in a way that contributes to upgrading the role of the Noble Qur’an, raising its status and improving its performance, to attract new numbers to join the students’s ranks, join the role of the Noble Qur’an and draw from its helpers with knowledge, jurisprudence and culture. The award has controls and standards that include social, cultural, and media activities, administrative work, student affairs, development and training, all of which revolve around development and creativity at work and upgrading services.

Award objectives:

1) Creating the spirit of competition and competition between the centers of the Holy Quran houses.
2) Improving the role's performance and work and developing its services.
3) Attracting new numbers of students.
4) Achieving the largest possible number of goals and positive results.
5) Activating the role of the Holy Quran centers in society.

* General policies of the award:

1) The evaluation is based on the work of the school year from September to June of each academic year.
2) The Excellence Award file shall be distributed in which all the activities of the Center with its various activities are listed and explained, provided that it is returned to the administration as soon as the control work is completed and the statistics are issued.
3) The centers' supervisors and supervisors supervise the accurate and comprehensive filling of the Excellence Award file data.
4) The Excellence Award file is handed over to the Activities Department in a personal capacity from the supervisor or supervisor of the house, or whoever represents them, taking care to sign the handover form.
5) Each evaluation authority monitors and monitors the grades of the evaluation items personally, so that all the forms are submitted to the person responsible for the award on the date specified.

Honoring mechanism:
The annual Excellence Ceremony is held at the beginning of the academic year and the winners are announced - the first Excellence Ceremony was in the year 2004-2005 - and that was in two categories:
First Category:
The five distinguished centers are devoted to each of the evaluation departments separately, and these centers obtain certificates of appreciation from the Director of the Islamic Studies Department.
Category Two:
The centers of excellence are allocated at the general level and get the following:
First place and general excellence gets an amount of (2,500) KD and (50%) of the number of employees in the center gets excellent work.
The second place winner for men and women gets an amount of (2000) Kuwaiti dinars, as well as (40%) of the number of workers in the center gets excellent work.
The third place winner for men and women gets 1500 Kuwaiti dinars, and 30% of the center’s employees get excellent jobs.
The first place holder of correctional institutions, both men and women, receives an amount of (2000) dinars, and also (40%) of the number of workers in the center gets excellent work.

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