Department of Islamic Studies
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Former directors

Sheikh / Hassan Manna

Born in 1919.

He holds a high diploma in 1947, and an international diploma with a teaching specialty in 1949.

In 1963, Al-Azhar's envoy to the seminary came to Kuwait.

In 1968, he contracted with the Ministry of Endowments as a teacher, preacher and preacher.

In 1968, he became director of the Institute for Imamate and Rhetoric, and in addition to his work, he was assigned the position of cultural advisor to the ministry.

In 1970 AD he prepared a special paper to establish a house for the Holy Quran.

In 1971 AD he established the first house for the Holy Quran in Palestine Street in Al-Mubarakiya in Darwaza Al-Abd Al-Razzaq.

In 1977 AD he became head of Islamic culture and director of the Holy Quran Administration.

In 1977 AD he became a member of the Fatwa Committee in the Endowments.

In 1983, he became editor-in-chief of the Journal of Islamic Awareness.

In 1986, he was appointed vice president of the Fatwa Committee.

In 1991 AD, he was assigned to chair the Fatwa Committee.

In 1991 AD he also became a Sharia advisor to the Ifta Department.

In 1994 AD he became a Sharia advisor to the Fiqh Encyclopedia and up to this time.

He participated in preparing a live radio program from 1980 - 1990 under the title (Nour and Statement).

He has books including: Fatwas and Instructions.

Abdullah Muhammad Al-Najem

Date of birth: 5/15/1949 AD.

Academic qualification: Bachelor of Arts and Education 1971 - Kuwait University.

He worked as a teacher at the Ministry of Education - 1971.

Worked as Undersecretary of a School in the Ministry of Education - 1976 AD.

Work as headmaster of Al-Najat Private School in 1978.

He was appointed Director of the Department of Islamic Studies - Ministry of Endowments 1982.

Work as a general guide for the role of the Holy Quran 1998 AD.

Participated in the nineteenth educational conference 1989.

He participated in the Individuals Productivity Program in the government apparatus in 1990.

He participated in the first regional conference on literacy in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

He was nominated as a representative of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in the field of documentation and searching for formulas to develop ways of joint cooperation with the Ministry of Education in 1991.

He participated in the time management course in 1995.

Participated in the course (Creative Methods for Solving Problems) 1996.

Planning cycle.

General foundations course for meetings.

Course on foundations of management.

Founding member of the Juvenile Care Authority.

Chairman of the Committee to follow up the implementation of recommendations approved by the Educational, Social and Health Committee - Ministry of Education.

Member of the Al Najat Charitable Society until 1998.

Chairman of the Science Seeker Committee.

He retired from the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs on 06/29/2001.

Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Rabai

Date of birth: 7-3-1947

Academic qualification: Bachelor of Arts in 1980 AD - Kuwait University

Teachers House Diploma (English Language) in 1972.

He worked as a teacher in the middle school 1972-1978.

He worked as a teacher in the secondary stage 1978-1986.

He worked as a supervisor at the Holy Quran House: 25/9/1986 AD.

Acting as a general guide for the role of the Noble Qur’an: 3/19/1995.

The work of an administrative observer: 9/9/1995.

Worked as Director of the Department of Islamic Studies in 1998.

He participated in the period between 1980 - 1983 AD in the Committee for the Development of English Language Curricula and Revision of the (Oxford) Curriculum.

Worked as the head of preparing the work of the first and supplementary round exams for the semesters (men) on 11/17/1987 AD.

Introduction course in the use of (ESEL5) in the year 1/6/1996 AD.

He participated in the journalism and religious media course in 1997.

Participation in the course of work stress in 1998.

He retired on 11/6/1999 AD.

Abdul Rahman Ahmed Amer Al Amer. (Foreman)

Date of birth: 1/14/1958

Graduated from Kuwait University - College of Arts - Geography.

Observer work in the Administration of Administrative Studies (previously) - Appointment year: 8-8-1978

He took a computer course.

He took a course on Human Relations in Action and Effective Motivation Skills.

He took a course in the art of dealing with the public.

Participation in the forty-first session of the International Council for the Recitation of the Holy Quran in 1999.

Member of the Kuwaiti delegation participating in the Holy Quran Competition in Pakistan (Lahore), Punjab state

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