Department of Islamic Studies
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Department of Family and Individuals Services
Payment of fees and orders to estimate court fees
Fee receipts and judicial fee estimation orders
Inquiry about male / female voter registration data 
Civil card renewal 
Inquire about the position of the civil card 
Inquire about the validity of the civil card 
Inquire about address availability 
Converting the unified number to a civil number
Inquire about the cases filed from you 
Inquire about the cases filed against you 
Search the automated case number 
Searching in the domain names of the State of Kuwait (internet domains)
Inquiry about the requirements for issuing a smart card
Inquiring about family violations
Paying family expenses
Inquire about receipts for payments
Services of the Public Authority for Minors Affairs
Inquiry about seizure and summon orders
Automated payment of civil ID fines
Department of Immigration and Travel Services
Inquire about passport status 
Inquiry about guarantees of persons 
Inquiry about the end of the residency period 
Inquire about a travel ban 
Employment Services Department
Central registration for job seekers  
Pay penal fines for all kinds of misdemeanors
Inquire about receipts for paying penal fines for all types of misdemeanors

Education Services Department
Electronic Books Library - Ministry of Education
Computer Operating Skills Curriculum 
Admission system for the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
Electronic library of tests
Government Schools Directory
Question to the Research Library
Inquire about the student's status
Students' social reward
Online search engine for accredited universities
Current mission plan
Results of the missions plan
Outstanding students
Certificate equivalency management transactions service
Registration and appointment service for the scholarships plan
Department of Automotive Services and Transportation
Inquiry about traffic violations for individuals 
Inquire about the validity of a driver's license 
Inquire about traffic violations for vehicles 
Inquire about the validity of the vehicle book 
Violation Payment (Traffic, Immigration and Travel)
Housing Services Department
Paying the monthly rent in rental issues 
Inquire about monthly rent payment receipts in rental issues 
Inquire about a treatment with residential care 
Inquiry and online payment of phone bills 
Expropriation services - individual request
Expropriation services - family request
Expropriation services - a request for heirs
Inquiry and electronic payment of electricity and water bills
Central Analytical Laboratory
Building materials inspection
Inquiry and online payment service for state property dues
The service of requesting a certificate to whom it may concern regarding the payment of state property rents

Department of Islamic services
The stay is through the internet - the electronic stay 
Calculate your Zakat
وزارة الاوقاف و الشؤون الاسلامية - إدارة الدراسات الإسلامية