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Summer harbors

One of the lofty goals pursued by "Summer Harbors" is for humanity to live in the shade of science, love, and the continuous pursuit of a beautiful effect, and a good and noble act, all of this while achieving complete balance, and allocating valuable lectures to everyone who belongs to these clubs in order to benefit from the experiences of the preachers To be a light for them on the road, guiding her in the darkness of ignorance and suspicions, with good advice and knowledge of the sciences of the Noble Qur’an in various disciplines, so that we will be the distinguished personality that seeks to build its society on a solid foundation of faith, and assimilate all the sciences of the age to keep pace with the ride of advanced civilizations, while adhering to high morals Of love, belonging, loyalty and devotion to the community, this is the desired goal, so let each of us be extremely eager to build these souls, so perhaps we have put the seed of a positive initiation, and hasten to pick the fruits, so little by little we start this is the way from energy to the top.

Q: Their numbers and their sufficiency?
A: The numbers of the summer ports:
1- The administrative port
2- Self-harbor
3- The social and spiritual harbor
4- Advocacy harbor
The summer ports feed all six governorates of Kuwait.

Q: The activities and events that the participants obtained in the ports of 2009?
A: Lectures - training courses (legal and humanitarian) - a literary salon for women

Q: Seminars and competitions (types, objectives)?
The seminars revolve around training courses and lectures that all serve the Kuwaiti community, especially the youth, because they aim to raise the efficiency of all segments of Kuwaiti society.

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