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Smart phones: health program
The program is the first integrated health guide in the State of Kuwait and the Arab world, provided in cooperation with a group of doctors and pharmacists, providing you with all information related to the health sector with an update around the clock of the latest news and medical and health advice.
Google work environment
Do you want to work for Google? !! Some people may ask why many people want to work for Google? !! Come with me, dear reader, on this quick tour inside the main Google building that they call Googleplex to see what this company provides to its employees in terms of amenities and meeting all their needs.
QR Code
You must have seen this symbol in the daily newspapers, brochures and brochures for companies. There are also many advertisements and publications in the Holy Qur’an houses where this symbol has been placed, so what is this symbol?
The strangest technological inventions are amazing
Many people have bright ideas and future designs, and there are those who find pleasure in experimenting, innovation and design from the white page until the project becomes a reality. Since ancient times, we Arabs were the most famous inventors and thinkers, like the camera with Ibn al-Haytham, the torpedo with the spears, and the analog computers with Abu al-Rayhan.
Monthly contests
Very soon ... a major competition with valuable prizes
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