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Google work environment

Do you want to work for Google? !! Some people may ask why many people want to work for Google? !! Come with me, dear reader, on this quick tour inside the main Google building that they call Googleplex to see what this company provides to its employees in terms of amenities and meeting all their needs.

It is worth noting that this company, which was established by PhD students at Stanford University in the US, Larry Page and Sergey Bern in September 1998, topped the list of 100 best work environments prepared by Fortune magazine, and this shows the extent of its interest in its employees and the endeavor to satisfy them in various means and methods.

The company's philosophy and its perception of its employees are evident in some informal principles that are deliberated by its managers, including but not limited to:

Its unofficial slogan was launched by the Gmail engineer (Do not harm anyone else).
You can win without hurting others. - You can show seriousness without being overburdened and wearing a suit.
These challenges should be the work of the job, which should be a source of fun.
Google devotes 20% of employees' time to creativity (equivalent to one working day per week).

The number of Google employees around the world in March 2009 reached about 20164 employees, and its information and employment affairs office receives job applications at the rate of one job application every 25 seconds !!! It may be no secret that Google started with a seed value of $ 1 million. Today, it has a market value of $ 150 billion.

As for its ranking in relation to the most visited daily sites, “it is the number 1 and the most visited with a rate of half a billion visitors per day, followed by Facebook and thirdly Yahoo

The workplace contains many entertaining games and sports equipment for employees to exercise during their rest time, and there are two swimming pools, imagine swimming with me at work time !!!

Other advantages for the employees are that they enjoy three free meals from 11 cafes and restaurants scattered here and there throughout the building, so you can eat all the healthy meals that you want prepared by a professional chef, and the library services, natural massage, laundry, ironing and haircuts are all available and free of charge. Another provided by Google is the custody of the employees' children while at work.

After what we have seen, let us not be surprised when one of the managers in Google says: (We are having difficulty persuading employees to leave their offices after the end of the official working hours in the evening, as they love their work more than anything else) ... !!!






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