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QR Code

You must have seen this symbol in the daily newspapers, brochures and pamphlets for companies. There are also many advertisements and publications in the Holy Qur’an houses where this symbol has been placed, so what is this symbol?

A QR code is a small and large square inside a large square that contains data; this data is inside these squares so that any QR code reader in a smart phone or tablet can read it.

Quick Response Code is a QR code

The idea of ​​the QR Code began in 94 under the name Denso, then changed to the current name, and Japanese companies such as Toyota used it to identify parts of their cars.

In 2002 their use increased in Japan, and phone manufacturers were keen to include readers so that users could rely on them.

The advantage of the QR Code is that it does not need to be linked to a database, meaning that the reader does not need to have knowledge of the product, because the QR code includes all the information inside it, so these many, many and different shapes of squares hide a lot of information under it.

The advantage of QR Code is also that some of its types can contain more than 7000 characters inside it, while the barcode does not exceed dozens, the QR Code can contain many languages, including Arabic. Also the Q-code is read from any side and any shape, so that if an eye falls The reader has to read it without being balanced, while the barcode has to be balanced on the reader.

The QR Code can contain types of data such as:

• texts

• Numbers

• phone numbers

• Text messages

Email address

• Website or page link

• Business card information

• Dates and locations

• And many more

The uses of the QR code?

• It is used in product inventory and identification, in factories and warehouses, and for medical and electronic products.

• The QR Code is now becoming the modern way to purchase products.

• In some countries, the image of the product is placed in a market, walkway, or public square and a QR code is placed near it.

• The shopper visualizes this code and then enters his page on the net and chooses the color or shape he wants.

He can also buy it online.

• The advertiser is not required to put all the product information, but the user can read the QR code and get to know more about the product.

It is found a lot in developed countries, especially in tourist cities, as it is an effective way to introduce tourists to places with more pictures and dates, because it is the fastest way to reach the reader, when there is more information for a product, party or place on the Palnet page; The page title is very long, so it is difficult for the reader to transfer it from the advertisement, magazine and newspaper to his phone .. The advertiser puts the information inside this code, and as soon as it is photographed, the phone opens the link

How is the QR code read?

Readers and QR code are found in smart devices such as the iPhone and Android .. Try to download one of these programs and read the QR code in this topic, through the program you will find that your device output the information.

If you own a smart device, search the software store for the QR Code, and you will find dozens of programs. Download one and try such as the i.nigma program

Can I create my own code?

You can produce for yourself, your site, your information or your picture, a QR code and give it around you. Try through this site that produces this code

Now grab an advertisement in any daily newspaper that contains this symbol ... or delete any version of the administration's version in the program .. Can you read this code on your device?

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