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Smart phones: health program

The program is the first integrated health guide in the State of Kuwait and the Arab world, provided in cooperation with a group of doctors and pharmacists, providing you with all information related to the health sector with an update around the clock of the latest news and medical and health advice.

The program provides you with:

Details and information about the most important governmental and private hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, pharmacies and health institutes in the State of Kuwait.

- Information about doctors working in the State of Kuwait in all specialties. - Searching through the user's geographical location for the nearest health services within a range of 5 km.

- Search by name or region and the possibility of direct contact through the program.

- The latest health and medical news and advice around the clock.- The latest health and medical offers and discounts in Kuwait.

Program link for iPhone phones:

وزارة الاوقاف و الشؤون الاسلامية - إدارة الدراسات الإسلامية