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The strangest technological inventions are amazing


Many people have bright ideas and future designs, and there are those who find pleasure in experimenting, innovation and design from the white page until the project becomes a reality. Since ancient times, we Arabs were the most famous inventors and thinkers, such as the camera with Ibn al-Haytham, the torpedo with the spears, the analog computers with Abu al-Rayhan, and the astrolabe with Maryam the astrolabe, on which in our present time the mechanism of work of the compass, satellites, astronomical clocks with al-Jazari, and many others are based on them. But on this topic, I will show you the strangest and most amazing technological inventions .. They are future inventions:

The first invention - the bracelet phone:
At first glance you will think that it is only an ordinary bracelet, but then you will find a surprise, wonderful technology, and of course, futuristic:


It is a phone with all the modern requirements these days and with multiple and wonderful features, for example the transparent screen can be pulled from the bracelet in an easy way, and you do not need a scientist in nuclear physics to take it out !! .. It also features an ideal and practical working method thanks to its attractive design and the beautiful lighting that surrounds it. and touching technology is the used method to control the bracelet.


Regardless of the obvious features that you can find in this high-end phone, you have the ability to watch videos, movies, music, read books, surf the web, chat and much more. With this invention, the whole digital world will be in your wrist! Designed by Alexey Chugunnikov, this picture expresses On how to pull the clear display off the base of the wristband:


The second invention - the love card for a shopaholic:


This invention is called the "Love Card" and was specially designed for blind and elderly people who find it difficult to shop. So what is this invention? It is a digital card based on an automatic frequency identification system, and with this system, you can capture the information about the marks affixed to the goods to be purchased and give it to the consumer via voice messages.


Elegant, attractive, compact and easy-to-carry design similar to credit cards, and the card design gives you all the information you need while shopping, many people do not see the shelf life and this is a big mistake, in addition to giving you the price or the price of the product and this is the most important. I find this invention exciting and it should be in Every market will make your shopping more smooth and enjoyable. In short, it's a futuristic invention. Designed by Shen Ming, this image shows how the Love Card is made:


The third invention - fold the electronic book:

Everyone liked the current e-book, but what would you think of this eRoll !!



This book is considered the future of e-books. Why? .. Because it has a unique design and depends on new, modern and futuristic technology.

eRoll features a flexible screen that allows you to fold and snap back into place smoothly. The design company is confused between touch technology or a screen with a practical and easy-to-control keyboard, but this does not matter because the common denominator between them is that they are wonderful, practical and easy to use, and this is what many people and designers aspire to. This invention or this book I find a great idea for everyone who hates Or he likes books.


The fourth invention - the future yacht:

The sea is beautiful with all its characteristics, and among the ways to sail in it and enjoy its picturesque beauty is the yacht, which today is considered one of the means of transportation for the rich and people of power, so here is a new, unique and future yacht:


In fact, when you see pictures of this yacht, you will think that you see a palace in the sea with its wonderful design, suitable furnishings and striking lighting, as its design is unique from the inside and the outside! .. This yacht is characterized by multiple means of entertainment with its design that resembles a spacecraft or a luxurious plane, as it is of high command and befits it .


What I can say now is that the means of travel in the future will be comfortable and unique that no one can resist no matter the price! Designed by Hyun-Seok Kim Here is an additional set of photos:



The fifth invention - a cabinet inside a bag:

Weird the matter of designers who are always looking for solutions within simple things, so a clever idea has become a future invention: Have you ever thought to take your wardrobe with you in a car or plane or whatever mode of transportation? !! Of course your answer will be no, it is impossible to put a locker inside a car, but after you see this invention you will say yes it can:


The truth is that it is a normal bag, but with a smart, unique and futuristic idea, so look at the mess that you leave when you want to travel or go to a hotel, and this is the goal of this bag .. to make you comfortable and move from one place to another.


A nice idea of course and someone who loves to wander should have one in the near or distant future! Designed by Psychic Factory.

The sixth invention - a phone with a computer inside!
Can your laptop be completely inside a mobile phone ... this is not fiction, and the evidence is the following:


Folding technology is the technology of the future in short, and all the inventions and innovations that resort to this technology are of benefit or a genius idea!


From the title you know that this future invention contains a phone and a computer at the same time. The design is beautiful and unique, with four folds and a palm wallet that give it a natural elegance and beauty despite advanced technology, and its size is the size of a palm or a small notebook, which means its light weight.

A surprise is that this design retained the crystal display because it gave it charm and elegance. I can only say that this design is a futuristic invention designed by Park Hyun Jin and the following image shows how the phone turns into a wonderful and beautiful computer:


The seventh invention - the futuristic kitchen:
Of course, we did not forget housewives ... and kitchen lovers ... unlike all these inventions that have passed, the future kitchen contains 5 unique, practical, wonderful and futuristic inventions:

- The first invention: the future kitchen fan is a fan with a wonderful futuristic design that has amazing advantages Have you ever entered your kitchen and found an unflavored smell from the multitude of dishes and cooked foods, if your answer is yes, I advise you to see this invention, why?, Because it removes all the existing odors In the kitchen with lightning speed, not even light. I add you to Beta hair. This invention provides you with a framework for accommodating and storing all kitchen utensils. Is there any better? Designed by: Chi Rong Hsu.

  • 00005.jpg
  •  The second invention: the future cookbook, if you are not a professional in cooking, you cannot cook without a guide, and the guide in our time is the cookbook circulating in several languages ​​and several recipes and delicious dishes, but this invention shows us another perspective for the cookbook. The book has a design full of creativity that resembles something like a microscope, but different in every sense of the word, the book displays recipes with 3D projected projected technology and this provides you with all the comfort you need while cooking or reading recipes. What is impressive about this invention is that it preserved This is a nice thing about traditional recipes, and I think this future invention will thrive on the market. Designed by: Jervis Chua, Hong Kong
  •  00006.jpg
  • - The third invention: the waste recycler Are you tired of the abundance of waste that your kitchen throws up? If you ask me, I will tell you yes, it is a serious issue and a solution has been found for it, an ideal and practical solution and of course the future. A very small and elegant design that does not take up a large area of ​​the kitchen but offers it the perfect solution, the design recycles your kitchen waste in your kitchen, how? When you turn on the design, it sends enzymes that break down organic waste and convert it into energy to heat the home and kitchen. This invention touched upon a big problem, as a lot of waste is polluting the environment around us, but with recycling and making it heat-conditioned, this is the best thing that a designer can design, a smart idea, a wonderful design, an ideal way of working in short, a future invention. Designed by: Marcela Vanesa Céspedes, Argentina
  • - The fourth invention: Future dishes: Have you ever imagined dishes that go and served alone that you think are a joke of course not, as in science fiction movies, impossible technology is seen by designers as brilliant ideas. The design is beautiful and consists of three flexible and elegant plates in the form of dishes, but this is not surprising, but rather surprising is controlling these panels via a remote control and this makes arranging the table easy and here is only pressing on some buttons, on the idea you can do that And you are asleep. Designed by: Zahira Ivelisse Crespo, Puerto Rico

  • -الاختراع الأخير: نظام المطبخ المستقبلي
    The narrow space in the kitchens creates an uncomfortable and uncomfortable scene at all, so what if this kitchen is full of all kitchen utensils? Imagine this messy kitchen with me, but here in future inventions the solution is always through unique, beautiful and distinctive designs.


    To invent or design is a special, elegant and typical system that allows you to store and place various kitchen tools and appliances without taking up much space or distorting the kitchen, and whatever the size of your kitchen, this is a design that will fit and harmonize with it, wait for there is more of the system provides you with protection and storage Various foods, vegetables and fruits without distorting the kitchen, on the contrary. Designed by: Surbhi Singhal, India

    Our journey ended in the kitchen of the future, I think you have seen what your kitchen will look like in the future and how everything from storage to recycling will make it easier for you.

    The last invention: the futuristic farmer:
    We entered the world of robots now and we entered the world of the farm:



The farmer or the farmer never returns to his home and he is comfortable and he is always tired, but this is not there in the future! The mechanism is very beautiful, not even amazing, I have never seen anything like this, this robot has advantages beyond imagination in planting, plowing and everything related to the land Soil, easy way to operate, the farmer gets into the operating trailer and the rest is automated! In all harsh climatic conditions and on the most complex and harsh terrain, it is a design that solves all agricultural crises, and now we will see the real advantages of this mechanism: the robot is characterized by easy movement with a GPS device as it contains a night vision camera and can be used in 24 consecutive hours, and practically plowing and suction The planting and clearing of the soil and also its rear part is designed to haul and carry all the heavy agricultural equipment and that's all a farmer needs! Designed by Prithu Paul.

Now that you know all the information you need about future inventions, and how a set of ideas and designs have become a means for a better life, I have one question for you,

What do you think of these inventions coming and strongly ??

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