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The 29th Council of the Book of the Majlis of the Month of Ramadan entitled “Repentance
Of error and negligence, and all the sons of Adam, mis, and the best Ktaiin repent, God has urged in his book urged the Prophet  in his speech to the forgiveness of God and repent to the Almighty said, "and ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to Imitekm chattel Well indefinite and borne all of a preferred bounty if they turn away, I fear for you the punishment of a big day (3) "and the Almighty said," for I am only a mortal like you revealed to me that your God is one God,
The nineteenth council from the book “Majalis of the month of Ramadan” entitled The Battle of the Conquest of Mecca
Just as in this blessed month was the Battle of Badr, which Islam triumphed with and the glory of its beacon, in it was also the conquest of Mecca, the faithful country in the eighth year of the Hijra, so God saved it with this great conquest from unrighteous polytheism, and it became a safe, Islamic country in which monotheism disregarded polytheism and faith from disbelief and Islam About arrogance
The thirteenth majlis from the book Majalis of the month of Ramadan entitled “Etiquette of reading the Qur’an.”
This Qur’an that you recite, hear, memorize and write is the word of your Lord, the Lord of the worlds, the God of the first and the others, and he is his strong rope and his straight path, which is the blessed and the clear light. by the heart of Muhammad peace be upon him to be omniscient Arabic tongue, described God great descriptions of Tazmoh and Thtermuh Almighty said "the month of Ramadan, which revealed the Koran guidance for mankind and clear proofs of the guidance and the Criterion" and the Almighty said, "O people, has come proof from your Lord We have sent down to you a clear light (174) .These many great descriptions that we have transmitted and others that we have not conveyed all indicate the greatness of this Qur’an, the necessity of veneration and politeness when reciting it and the distance from reading it from nonsense and play.
The ninth majlis of the book “Majalis of the month of Ramadan” entitled “Ruling on fasting
Know, may God have mercy on you, that God, may He be glorified, has the perfect judgment in what He created and what He legislated, for He is the Wise in His Creation and in His Law. By their faith and complement their worship
The third majlis from the book “Majalis of Ramadan” entitled “Ruling on fasting the month of Ramadan
Fasting Ramadan, one of the pillars of Islam and its buildings bones, God Almighty said: "O ye who believe! Fasting is also prescribed for those before you, that you may guard (183) days a few, it was of you is ill or on a journey interpretation of the meaning and who Aticonh Poor food ransom it volunteered to reward it is good for him and good for you fast on if you know (184) the month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Koran guidance for mankind and clear proofs of guidance and the Criterion you saw it month Vlisamh and was sick or on a journey several of the days Other God wants ease in you, and He does not want hardship for you, and let you complete the kit, and let you be proud of what He has guided you.
The first council from the book “Majalis of the month of Ramadan,” entitled “The merit of the blessed month of Ramadan
The month of Ramadan is a great season in which God glorifies reward, renders talents and opens the doors of goodness in it to all who wish, the month of good deeds and blessings and the month of grants and gifts
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