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The role of the Holy Quran in correctional institutions

The Department of Islamic Studies has established several reform centers in the country, where the Rashad Center was opened in the Central Prison in 1404 AH - 1985 CE, the Al-Hidaya Center in the Public Prison in 1422 AH - 2001 CE, and the Social Assessment Center was recently opened in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in the year 1422 AH - 2001 CE.

These centers are considered the most important institutions working in the process of behavioral change for perpetrators of moral crimes, and the motive behind the establishment of these centers was the serious contribution with state institutions in the reform process in society, and this role comes as the missionary message that the ministry carried in spreading religious awareness and legal education for all Different groups of society, and those with insightful minds do not conceal the importance of the role of the Noble Qur’an in evaluating behavior and reforming oneself, which changed society’s perception of this group that made a mistake in a moment of time and then regretted what I did.

The Ministry is also proud of this reformist achievement, as dozens of those who memorized the Noble Qur’an have graduated from these reform centers and learned the importance of its Sharia sciences and the rules of the Arabic language, as they became righteous role models in themselves reforming to others and this is from the grace of God Almighty and then with what these reform centers have produced, as these roles have become A radiation and light center to occupy the prisoner's spare time with what is beneficial to his religion and world, so that his morals are promoted and he becomes a useful and active element in society.

We also do not miss that this center has a social, cultural and recreational activity besides memorizing the Holy Qur’an to complete the aspects of the human soul consisting of matter and spirit, so that it nourishes its soul with the Holy Qur’an and nourishes the other side with innocent entertainment and commendable competition, and with the grace of God Almighty dozens graduated from this center who have memorized the Noble Qur’an and took over the teaching and imamate. And memorization in our beloved Kuwait.

The Noble Qur’an Center for Men was established in the central prison named: Al Rashad Center in 1984 AD with the aim of directing and guiding and teaching prisoners the rulings of reciting the Qur’an, memorizing and reciting it, and what they need in their working life of Sharia rulings and Islamic morals and developing their religious awareness, as the concept of imprisonment in the modern era has changed From a penal institution to a correctional institution that takes care of the prisoner in all aspects of his life, and we believe in the importance of this role, and that the prisoner is in dire need of this care so that he can bring out to society a useful element and a valid member in it who is far from crime and corruption, so we took the initiative to generalize this idea to include prison Women, public imprisonment and juvenile imprisonment, centers were opened for the role of the Noble Qur’an in them, so that the prisoner could take advantage of his spare time, to memorize the Book of God Almighty and study some Islamic sciences and Islamic knowledge, to enlighten his mind with the light of knowledge and open his perceptions and mind to horizons of knowledge and culture, so that he sees life is more valuable than To be lost in problems, crimes, tampering, and amusement, so that he accepts repentance, substitution, regret for what has passed, and the determination that he does not return to a life of misery and misery, so they rise to himself and elevate his spirit to Not faith and righteous deeds, so his behavior is controlled, his treatment and morals improve, and it becomes an element of good, benefit and righteousness in society after it was a factor in its demolition, destruction and sabotage.

Mission and Objectives of Correctional Institutions Centers:

The mission of these centers is a legitimate, reform, social, humanitarian, and educational mission, and we can summarize their objectives with the following points: -

Creating a suitable environment for incubating prisoners and taking care of them, identifying their problems and contributing to finding solutions to them.

Make efforts to correct behavioral patterns and correct false ideas and beliefs.

Striving to give them a new perception of the universe and life, which would help deepen faith in souls and be correct on the correct Islamic approach.

Documenting their relationship with God Almighty and developing a sense of observation and fear of God, to initiate the performance of ritual acts of worship and duties, and to cease acts of evil and corruption

Their desire to memorize the Book of God and to associate with it in behavior and belief, and to instill his love in their hearts to attach to it and to recite, memorize and understand it a lot.

Contributing to building the Islamic personality and being proud of it, in a comprehensive and parallel manner in its mental, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

Preparing prisoners to face society with a high spirit of faith and psychology.

Encouraging them to receive Islamic sciences and Islamic culture in order to develop knowledge and increase their religious awareness.

Activities and programs of correctional institutions centers:

Al-Rashad Center teaches to its affiliates the curricula prescribed in the "developed" Holy Quran and the Institute of Islamic Studies, in addition to the courses and lectures held for the general inmates, and the monthly and quarterly courses that are organized for groups of inmates, who desire some Sharia sciences, such as jurisprudence, intonation, hadith or Creed or Biography.

There are Arabic language courses for foreign male and female guests.

And courses in teaching the principles of Islam and the pillars of religion for inmates who have recently converted to Islam.

There are educational and psychological courses and scientific and professional courses.

The Juvenile Center also organizes cultural, educational, entertainment and sports programs.

New converts:

As a result of the efforts and activities carried out by the center in cooperation with the Communities Department, it was able to attract to Islam a group of foreign inmates and inmates, so God guided them to the truth and embraced Islam, and it is no secret that they are new to Islam and need special care and courses that suit their situation and condition.


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